Using the Ethiopic Language Keyboards

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which font can I use for Ethiopic script languages?

    The fonts included in each package are recommended for use with any of the Ethiopic languages.

  2. Which versions of Windows does this keyboard work on?

    These keyboards will work without problems on Windows NT4, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and later versions. Windows 95, 98 and Me are not recommended because they have limited Unicode support, but you can use these keyboards with some applications on these operating systems. See the Keyman Desktop documentation for more information.

  3. What alphabetization method do the keyboards use?

    The keyboards use the SERA (System for Ethiopic Representation in ASCII) method for transcribing the Amharic alphabet (Fidel) into Latin characters. This allows any Amharic (Unicode) character to be entered using a standard Latin alphabet keyboard by typing the Latin letter sequence for the Ethiopic character.

    Principles followed by SERA input methods are:

    • Keystrokes are intuitive and follow what natural phonemic associations the user would have already made on the target keyboard.
    • A letter appears for every keystroke.
    • Default punctuation system is Ge'ez.
    • Default numeral system is Western.
    • Default space character is ASCII space (0x20). Ge'ez word space (U+1361) can be entered with SHIFT + SPACEBAR.
    • Availability of keyboard native punctuation.

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